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cutthroat adj
1 ruthless in competition; "cutthroat competition"; "bowelless readiness to take advantage" [syn: fierce, bowelless]
2 capable of or conducive to bloodshed; "a cutthroat rogue"; "a homicidal rage"; "murderous thugs" [syn: homicidal, murderous] n : someone who murders by cutting the victim's throat

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  1. A murderer who slits the throats of his victims.
  2. An unscrupulous, ruthless or unethical person.


unscrupulous, ruthless or unethical person


  1. Involving the cutting of throats
  2. Of or relating to a card game where everyone plays for him or herself rather than playing with a partner.
    He found that playing cutthroat Spades was much more difficult than playing with a partner.
  3. Ruthlessly competitive, dog-eat-dog
    Law is a cutthroat business, you always have to look out to see who is trying to outdo you.


very competitive, dog-eat-dog

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